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FMA Rez Trio Snowy Days

BtVS Fic: "Sunshine Girl" 1/1

Title: Sunshine Girl
Fandom: BtVS
Author: evil_little_dog
Words: 270
Rating: K+
Summary: Buffy needs some time off.
Warnings: Post TV series.
Disclaimer: Joss owns all. I just play around with his babies sometimes.
Prompt: from leni_ba : BtVS/AtS. any. Sometimes (he/she/they) need to get away.


Buffy tilted her head back, letting the sunlight wash over her. How was it she, a sunshine girl if ever there was one, wound up being a Slayer, and someone so at home in the night? Her hard-won knowledge pointed out the irony, and she allowed herself a faint smirk in response; ‘irony’ was pretty much her middle name – Buffy Anne-Irony Summers, that’s her, all right. Slayers lived hard, died young, didn’t fall in love with creatures of the night.

But for the next few days, she could ignore all of that. There were enough Slayers in the world to take care of any Hellmouth-y type of weirdness, not to mention a few witches who’d protect the world with their lives. And she could work on getting a killer tan, maybe have a meet cute, and possibly not get dragged into some sort of demon sacrifice to the volcano gods (a part of Buffy thought she really ought to know the names of the volcano gods, but she hushed it up with a taste of a fruity girly drink).

This was Vacation Time, not Slayer Time, and while she had no problem (anymore) doing the one, now that she was older (wiser, maybe not so much?), Buffy knew she needed the other, too, to keep those batteries charged up and fresh and all that stuff. Curling her toes in the warm sand, Buffy inhaled deeply of ocean and flowers, and watched a cute guy playing on a surfboard out in the waves. As long as everything cooperated, she could just be a sunshine girl again, for a little while longer.

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This is delightful. I love Buffy taking a little time just for herself.
Thank you!
This just makes my heart SO happy - Buffy getting a little me time? Girlfriend has MORE than earned it.

And bonus - this is actually about Buffy, herself, not as part of a 'ship. Which is incredibly hard to find, as is non-angsty post-Chosen tics.

Her "voice" is spot-on in this all the way.
Thank you! I'm rather fond of writing angst, but the prompt didn't call for it, so I went with something else. I'm glad you think my Buffy-Voice is good; I don't write in this fandom a lot any more, and it's good to know I still can!
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