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Keanu times two

(Most of the) Fic I wrote in 2012

Fandoms represented are listed below.

Limericks written for my dogs.

Run for the Roses Secretariat runs his race.

Three ficlets: Burn Notice, NCIS, and one based on Chris de Burgh’s song, “Spanish Train”.

Dragons Live Forever Jackie Paper grew up.


Perseverance Wins Out Wesley decides to act. (Wes/Faith)

Movie Critic Angel and Connor discuss movies.

AtS/BtVS - Make Believe Angel/Buffy, “I Will Remember You”. Get the hankies.

AtS/BtVS - Sewer Talk & Happily Ever – Buffy and Angel meet in yet another sewer.

The Mirror Cracks – Wolfram and Hart’s apocalypse is about to start – but what new demon is that, and who are those people with him? Crossover with Angel/BtVS/FMA

Jealous Red Drusilla is jealous of Connor. (Dru/Darla; A.R. where Connor was vamped.)

Meanings of Life Kate wonders what it all means, after Angel rescues her from overdosing.

Reasons Angel went on a killing spree after Buffy died. And then she came back and found out about it.

Breather They get a breather in the middle of the fight.

About Mom Connor asks Angel about Darla.

Let It Go Angel and Buffy meet, post-Not Fade Away.

The Avengers

Name Game Tony Stark just has one question for Nick Fury.

Crossing Over Three FMA/Iron Man/The Avengers crossover ficlets. Ed, Al and Winry wind up in Marvel!Verse NYC.

Black Sheep Squadron

Curing Homesickness Jim and Greg discuss T.J.’s homesickness.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Two ficlets “No Snogging Allowed” – Giles makes a new ruling in the library; and “So Very Long Ago” – Drusilla makes a decision regarding Spike.

Witchy Works Crossover with Harry Potter – Hermione tries to teach Willow potions.

AtS/BtVS - Angel/Buffy, “I Will Remember You”. Get the hankies.

AtS/BtVS - Buffy and Angel meet in yet another sewer.

From Cold Water Monsters invade Miami. Faith and Xander know how to take care of them – if Michael, Sam and Fiona don’t get in the way. (Crossover with Burn Notice.)

All the Better to Eat You With Dru’s stars lead Spike and her on a merry chase in the woods. Warning – Spike and Dru being Spike and Dru.

Free Night A night without vampires? What will they do? (Scooby Gang; B/A)

A Call to Arms Pre-series BtVS – A Slayer is called.

Light and Dark There are two sides to Faith.

Fatherhood Giles doesn’t have any idea how this happened.

Living With Buffy survived the fall in ‘The Gift’. Oops.

Reasons AtS/BtVS - Angel went on a killing spree after Buffy died. And then she came back and found out about it.

I Spy (The “In the Shadows” Remix) - There was something different about that kiss.

Burn Notice

You Scream, I Scream – That ice cream truck is like Sam Axe’s dream.

Rescue Operation Sam asks for help for a special rescue (mentions of animal abuse).

Face Value Michael considers Fiona (character study)

Coming Clean Michael’s probably going to jump to the wrong conclusions.

From Cold Water Monsters invade Miami. Faith and Xander know how to take care of them – if Michael, Sam and Fiona don’t get in the way. (Crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.)

Light the Fuse Getting attached to someone isn’t always the best thing for a spy to do. (Michael/Fiona)

Watch the Fuse Burn Sam and Fi are watching a building – and bored doing it.

Blow Up Michael’s trying to tell Fiona how to do her job.

Comic Book Heroes Fiona finds Sam’s reading material to be sophomoric.

Covert Affairs

Cold Weather, Cold Beer – Auggie sends Annie out for a beer.

Basic Seduction Annie’s such a tease.

Flowers for Auggie Coming back home from a mission, Annie finds out Auggie’s in the hospital.

Okay Relief that Auggie and Parker are okay leads to a problem for Annie. (adultish?)

Tailing “She said the man in the gabardine suit was a spy…”

Hunting the Hunter Auggie’s trying to find Annie.

Doctor Who

Locked Out Sarah Jane and the Doctor are locked out of the TARDIS.

Loyalty Romana and K-9 take a walk in the snow.

Fairy Tale

In the Blood (The Vengeance Remix) James knows that Red is going to kill him. (Red Riding Hood.)

Harry Potter

Witchy Works Crossover with BtVS – Hermione tries to teach Willow potions.

Not So Sisterly Hermione knows Harry doesn’t see her that way. Drabble. Teen rating.

In Plain Sight

Not A Morning Mary’s not a morning person.

Five Cliches that Mary and Marshall Fell In To the title ought to be self-explanatory?

Another Cliche - Running out of Gas Mary and Marshall run out of gas.

Undercover Mary thinks about Marshall and her relationship.

Running On Just another argument in the office.

My Cherry Pie Mary wants Marshall’s goodie. (Pie.)

Star Trekkin’ Mary and Marshall go to a new restaurant.

Family Matters Mary’s appalled at Brandi’s new boyfriend.

All in a Day’s Work Mary’s done something that might get her into trouble. For a change.

Professional Distance Things like this weren’t supposed to happen.

Indiana Jones

Tying the Knot It’s the big day.

Head for Drinking Marion’s got a head for drinking.

Iron Man

The Morning After Tony’s hungover. As if that’s a surprise.

Adjustments There are adjustments that need to be made to their relationship. Pepper/Tony; Teen

It’s All Talent Tony’s not lucky – it’s all talent.

Guidance System The suit’s GPS is off.

Cat Got Pepper chances to hear Tony singing and is intrigued.

Chips Tony’s sulking and eating Really Bad Food. (Could be considered either Avengers ‘verse or Iron Man, take your pick.)

Surprise Tony’s busy and doesn’t want to be disturbed (Tony/Pepper)

Crossing Over FMA/Iron Man/The Avengers crossover ficlets featuring Ed, Al, Winry, Tony, Pepper, Natasha, Nick Fury....

Creativity Has Its Own Rewards There is no mistletoe in Pepper’s apartment.


A Quest of Thieves Sir Didymus needs a sword and enlists Hoggle’s help.

Spring in the Bog Didymus loves the morning in the bog.

Last of the Mohicans (Movie)

A Start Uncas offers some help for Alice’s blisters.

Looney Tunes

The Bunny Always Wins “You’re despicable.”


Later Than Aragorn is late, cold, and filthy.


Three Fics: Offer Made (Jenny, Jethro); Semper Fi (Abby, the team); Explanations (Abby/Ziva)

Alone With Them Gibbs has his memories, if nothing else.

Not Just the Heat Tony’s hot.

Nightmares Kate has a nightmare about Ari.

Purposefully Lost Jimmy likes Ducky’s stories. Maybe too much.

Star Wars

Breathing Vader needs a machine to breathe.

Strangers in Paradise

Tear in My Beer Katchoo still misses Francine. (David, Katchoo)

The Big Bang Theory

It’s All Relative Penny thinks her neighbors are just strange.

Stuck in a Rut Raj doesn’t want to be the unloved superhero any more.

The St. Patrick’s Day (Massacre) – Sheldon doesn’t celebrate.

Alchemy Vs. Star Trek Leonard thinks it’d be cool to be an alchemist.

Alchemy Vs. Magic Howard and Leonard try new cosplay outfits at Comicon.

Alchemy Vs. Renaissance Faires Sheldon’s tired of Fullmetal Alchemist, and wants to talk about something else.

Where’s Spot? Sheldon asks for Penny’s help. Oops.

The Chronicles of Narnia

Pretense of Lions Father’s birthday gift to Lucy is somewhat ironic.

The Dresden Files

Tidings of Comfort and Joy Harry’s stopped at a particular house on a snowy evening

A Little Christmas Cheer Murphy brings Harry a surprise

A Good Day Mouse wakes to a new morning.

Morning Heat It’s so hot outside, Mouse has to take matters into his own paws.

Repairs Thomas asks Karrin an odd question.

Just Like A Fairy Tale Karrin gets changed into a guy through a spell gone wrong. Oops?


Tells Doc is studying his opponent.

A Fine Howdy Do It’s Morgan’s first real fight.

The X-Files

Greenies They’re investigating Green Men

Crimes and Punishment A discussion with Agent Pendrell leads to a…situation with Scully for Mulder.

Hospital Sorrows While Scully sleeps, Mulder mourns.

Over the Coals Mulder’s in trouble with Skinner.

Scary Movie All Dana wants to do is watch a scary movie. Is that too much to ask?

X-Men Movieverse

Cold Burn Bobby’s not jealous of Logan and Marie’s relationship.

Not Brotherly Rogue doesn’t belong anywhere once she takes the Cure. Mentions of sexual abuse; Logan/Rogue.

When I Breathe An explosion happens outside Alkali Lake, destroying the team.

Cradle Robbing Rogue wants to know why she’s too young for Logan.

Being Human Maybe it’s a little lonely after she took the Cure, but Marie isn’t going to let that get her down.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Marking Time Dream of Comfort – Edward has a dream about Winry.

Marking Time Chapter 38 - Edward makes his way to Liore, while Izumi talks with Roy about his plans.

Brave New World Sunburn, Kneading Bread

Brave New World Sharpest Cut, Washing Up, The Cool of the Night

Brave New World Discussions IV, Nightmare

Brave New World Questions, Discussions V, Discussions VI

Brave New World Knowledge Can Hurt

Brave New World Over Breakfast II, Man or Monster, Cornered, And Yet

Brave New World Theatre Music, Last Word, Invitation, Discussions VII

Brave New World Morning Wake Up, Kitchen Wisdom, Hard Work If You Can Get It

Brave New World Telephone Call II, The Edward Problem, Insubstantial as Smoke

Cradling Ed’s lost the baby

Mad Dogs and Amestrians continuation of Chimera!Ed A.U. – Marcoh doesn’t like Winry’s new ‘pet’.

Accidentally The kiss took Roy completely by surprise (Roy/Al)

Treasures in the Attic Chris Mustang goes looking for her brother (prequel to series).

Sailing No More Winry’s thoughts in CoS when Ed finally comes home.

Snowfall Riza and Roy enjoy the snow outside their window.

To Carve A Crest Kimbley leaves Briggs for Drachma.

In The Kitchen – Ed’s sure it’s alchemy Winry’s doing. (There’s a link to an animated story, too!)

Celebration Winry and Al are in Liore celebrating the New Year.

Too Cold Roy hates the North.

Softly, Softly Death came softly. (Winry, Pinako)

Surprise Pregnancy Roy/Riza

Blink of the Eye Maes/Roy, mature, Ishbal fic.

A Meeting of Minds Ed and Al take Winry to meet Izumi.

Shoot the Bird Ed’s got gunk in his finger joints

Discharging Al thinks his brother’s manners could use a lot of work.

Loud, Louder, Loudest Ed and Roy are arguing again.

Naked Together They’ve waited long enough (Ed/Winry, Adult)

Peephole Ling’s watching Ed and Winry. (Adult)

To Leave A Home Hohenheim doesn’t really want to leave.

Two to Tease Winry/Ed, Adult.

Afternoon Drinks Ed brings back something from the South that Winry really likes.

Not Quite an Interrogation Mafia A.U. – Mustang and Kimbley have a ‘talk’.

Cobra Versus Mongoose Mafia AU continuation – Envy’s bleeding, Kimbley’s surprised.

Money Problems Mafia A.U. – It’s that time of the month, and the Elric household bills are coming due.

Rescue Situation Ed, Greeling, Darius and Heinkel get involved in a…situation while on the lam.

You Learn Ed needs help with this.

The End of the Trail Miles and Marcoh arrive in Ishbal to help with the rebuilding.

Open to Interpretation Al’s pondering his brother and Winry.

All Grown Up Heinkel and Darius come to a realization regarding Ed. (Some adult(?) humor)

Closer Than You Think Ling’s cold, and Ed’s warm – much to Ed’s disgust.

Blood Red Crest Chapter 4 The war is won, the celebration is begun…only some people don’t see it that way.

In Sickness And Ed’s sick, and someone needs to take care of him. Scraps’verse.

Rise But Not Shine Ed’s still suffering. Scraps’verse.

Puppy Love Two puppies are two too many. Scraps’verse.

Remembering Hohenheim remembers his first love (pre series).

First Blood Zolf finds someone in the park. (Pre-series, animal abuse, somewhat creepy.)

First Blood II There’s a murderer in the Mustang household.

A Hot Meal Ed’s trying to enjoy a meal when he’s out West.

Swept Away On an ocean trip to Xing, Ed and Winry get swept overboard, and wind up in the middle of a war with the local island peoples. Sex, violence, mature rating for a reason.

Messed Up Ed doesn’t want his dinner (post-transmutation mishap fic).

Food for Thought Ed, Darius and Heinkel eat their way across the countryside.

Cold Rain Ed’s cold, but he doesn’t want to wake up Winry.

I Love the Night Life Rush Valley’s night life leaves Ed…underwhelmed. Teen, Ed/Winry.

Box Seats Al and Paninya enjoy themselves at the theatre. Coda to “I Love the Night Life”.

Coffee Talk Maes is pestering Roy about the women he knows. (Roy/Maes implied, Roy/Riza implied)

Water or Whine Public bathing in Rush Valley comes with its own hazards (Ed/Win implied; Ed, Ling, Alphonse)

Peace in the Place Rose/Winry – Rose can’t stop herself from watching.

Walking the Dog Riza and Hayate go for a walk on a snowy evening.

Not So Easy Winry has questions for Ed about his past relationship with Roy (mentions of past Roy/Ed; current Ed/Winry).

Up A Tree Greed takes advantage when an opportunity presents itself. (Greed 2.0/Ed; Ling – mature, dub con.)

Photographs and Memories Winry’s closing up Pinako’s old house. Standalone or a prequel to “Devotion”.

Devotion Ed goes on a downward spiral after Al dies in front of him (Mature. Drug abuse, sexual abuse, H/C, ultimately Ed/Winry).

Devotion Chapter 19

Soon Roy needs to do something to feel better. Ishbalan War arc. (Mature. Kimbley/Roy. Domination. Abuse.)

Disturbance Al needs someone to talk to about Ed and Winry.

Safe Word Maes is all tied up. (Adult. Bondage. Roy/Maes.)

Malposition In a dystopic future, Ed and Winry cling to each other – and worry about Al.

Catch as Catch Can Winry deserves a husband, kids, a family. Edie’s pretty sure she can’t give her anything like that (Girl!Ed/Winry).

Have this Dance & Whatever Winry Wants – Two ficlets with Girl!Ed and Winry.

Makin’ Babies Edie and Winry want a baby. Al’s not sure about his part in this. Girl!Ed; Alphonse.

Clothes Make the Woman Edie hates the idea of dressing up. Girl!Ed/Winry

Quest’s End Armstrong asks Ed what he wants to do, now that the quest is over.

Music on the Battlefield Riza thinks about mirages and Kimbley while in her sniper’s tower.

Maintaining the Maintainer Winry and Ed have some sexy tiems.

Skipping Stone Ed thinks about life.

The Mirror Cracks Wolfram and Hart’s apocalypse is about to start – but what new demon is that, and who are those people with him? Crossover with Angel/BtVS

The Telling Winry has something to tell Ed.

A Bowl of Ice Cream Winry’s trying to eat some ice cream. Ed’s being a brat about it.

The Thin Papery Feeling Jean has a lot of time to think in the hospital.

Just a Little Friendly Maintenance Winry’s taking apart the TARDIS console. (Doctor Who/FMA fusion – Ed=Doctor; Winry=Companion)

Pin Him Down Winry’s ordering Ed around. (Adult!)

Baby Blues and Pinks Winry’s pregnant. The kids are fascinated. So is Ed.

Two Out of Three Agree Post-coital discussions can be…enjoyable. (Roy/Riza/Al. R-rating)

Listening In Lust has a job to do. (Lust+Maes Hughes)

Always Coming Home They’re cleaning the graves for Memorial Day.

Hard as Diamonds Ed’s trying alchemy on his automail.

Foreign Gold Ling is fascinated by Al’s coloring. (Mature)

Reap What You Sow Roy has inexplicably been made…tiny.

Noises Off Al hears something absolutely horrible in Rush Valley.

Collared After the Promised Day, Roy considers whether he should use the Philosopher’s Stone or not.

Do You Take & This Woman Roy fills in on an important day.

The Big Push Riza’s soldiering on.

Following Orders Ed takes an assignment in New Optain that leads to nothing but trouble.

Magical Battle Ed tries to figure out how to get his brother back. Magical A.U.

Lost and Found If Edward Elric is dead, who is the person Winry keeps seeing? (Some sexual content; Pride!Ed)

The Way of Stones It felt like a celebration. (Pre-series, Slave Twenty-Three fic)

Skinny Dipping Roy’s relaxing. Yeah.

Once Bitten Ed and Al take Winry to Yock Island.

Threesome Ed/Winry/Ling, Mature - Winry isn’t sure how she wound up in this situation.

Bare-Assed Naked Ed’s upset. So what else is new?

Camp Out Ed, Al and Winry are camping on Yock Island.

Abandonment Issues Ed’s trying to surprise Winry.

Ghost of You Ed finally returns home. Maybe. (Post That-Movie story.)

Tracks South They’re trying to get South, and time is running out. (Al/Paninya)

Tears of Joy Ed’s seen it all.

Come Home Winry thinks it might be Ed out on the road (Post That Movie fic).

Second Impressions You’ve been waiting a long time to see Edward again. (Ed/Winry, Male Character/Ed)

Three O’Clock Edward should’ve been in bed hours ago.

The Price He Pays Ling has time to reflect after capturing Gluttony

A Pain In Deed Ed takes care of Winry in Rush Valley.

Caterpillar Lip Maes Hughes is annoying (pre-Maes/Roy sex).

With A Bang Sexy Tiems between Ed and Winry. (Very Adult.)

Breakfast Conversations Breakfast conversations just got a little more interesting.

Needed Roy Mustang didn’t get his sight back after the Promised Day.

Thick As A Roy’s dreams are shattered. (Post CoS, onesided Roy/Ed.)

At The Gates Of Edward has nightmares.

Fair Shares Of There might be something between them, if there weren’t the strictures around them. (Ling+/Riza)

The Sex Talk (Ed/Winry, Adult) – Where did Winry learn how to do that?

Not Three of a Kind (Ed/Winry, mentions of past Greelin/Ed) – Winry doesn’t want to be jealous of Ling.

Keep It Up Ed gets woken by a late-night call.

Waiting Games Winry really hates waiting.

Coping Mechanisms Sometimes, it feels like being under a gun. (Riza-centric, hints of Royai)

Collections There’s a lot of work to be done before the Promised Day. (Dr. Goldtooth)

No Better to be Safe Than Sorry Ed wakes up somewhere…different…and in the control of someone he doesn’t even know (silly!fic).

Too Close for Comfort Someone needs to tell Ed about their relationship (Roy/Al).

The Rock Edward comes back from the West with a rock.

Friendly Advice Edward’s upset; Roy tries to find out why.

The Last Four Months This is the worst pregnancy Winry and Ed have gone through together. (Difficult pregnancy)

Missing Winry’s wrench has gone missing!

Pneumonia Ed came down with pneumonia before his automail surgery.

Ringmaster Drachma instituted alchemists battling in the ring. It’s Edward’s turn to enter it.

The Sky Cries Out in Thunder Ed and Al wait outside the courthouse for Winry.

Some Things You Can’t Fix A broken bone might be the least of Ed’s problems.

Awa’ Mr. Culbertson passes by the remains of the Elric house.

First Frost Ed has nothing to worry about (prequel to “In Broken Dreams”)

In Broken Dreams Al is the one who dreamed of returning to Risembool, but Ed goes home alone. (Post-CoS)

Tribute Alphonse finds his brother at the remains of their old house.

Curiosity Paninya wants to know about the inscription in Ed’s watch. Who better to go to than his brother?

Happy Birthday Ed actually remembers Winry’s birthday.

Appointment Ray isn’t about to be late for his appointment with Miss Rockbell.

Control Roy can’t react in front of anyone.

Commemoration Roy has a date he has to make.

Wonderful Everything’s wonderful. (Ling/Al)

Caught Ed’s been caught in Winry’s bedroom. Again.

Ghost in the Night Alphonse wonders if ghosts could be real. Prequel to canon.

Bedtime Stories The kids want a story. Ed obliges. (Ed/Winry)

Frigid It’s really cold in the Briggs Mountains.

A Little Knowledge Kimbley finds them fascinating.

First Telling Edward that Ling is his lover leaves Alphonse with an earful.

The Sound of Two Hands Clapping In the hospital, after the Promised Day, Edward has time to think.

Exit Wound Winry studies Ed’s worst scar.

Melancholia Al and Ed aren’t adjusting to being back home as well as they’d expected.

Part of the Game Kimbley and his daemon have a talk, after ordering Ed to carve a crest in Briggs/Drachma. (Fusion fic with His Dark Materials)

Five-Twenty Edward sends something to Roy for his inauguration. (Please read warnings.)

Sympathy Pains Roy meets the Elric boys at a bar with some news.

To Thine Own Self, Be True Kimbley doesn’t lie.

Staying In Ed doesn’t really want to go to the party.

Sacred Liquor Ling, Ed and Al share a drink.

Magnifying Glass You’re watching your employer’s child through a window. (Kimbley as a child; creepy, mentions of animal abuse)

Just Another Stake Out Superheroes get cold, too. (Fusion-AU type of story.)

Crossing Over FMA/Iron Man/The Avengers crossover ficlets (three) - Ed, Al and Winry wind up in Marvel!verse NYC.

Up North Ed, Winry and the kids head north for a vacation.

Loudest Voices Learning to use an inside voice is a trial.

Tall Tales Ed and Winry’s kids are smarter than Ed thinks.


That's a lot of fic, lady. :) Any idea roughly how much word count? According to AO3, I was just shy of 100k for the year... counting original fiction, that puts me a little over the top.
Actually, no, and I'm afraid to find out. :D
Obviously more than 100k. :) You write a lot more than me. Although, I wrote two novellas this year (Moonrise and Elections) plus a few 6-7k short stories (Matters of the Heart, and a DW fic called Running Man) so that accounts for the largest chunk of it.
I do write lots of stuff. :D
That's one über-productive year you've had. XD *thumbs up*
Thank you! :D
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