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FMA Fic: "Come Home" 1/1

Title: Come Home
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist – First Anime
Characters/Pairings: Winry (Ed/+Winry)
Author: evil_little_dog
Words: 264
Rating: K+
Summary: Winry sees someone at the road, and wonders who it is.
Warnings: 2nd Person POV. Post CoS.
Disclaimer: I just play paper dolls with Arakawa’s characters.
Notes: Sequel to Ghost of You.


There is a prickling in your shoulder blades, like the feeling of an approaching storm. It makes you look around, check the windows, peer outside – though you don’t see anything out of the usual. The sky was clear, there was a soft wind blowing, your sheets on the line are flapping softly. You can hear your chickens talking as they scrape up bugs to eat from around the yard.

Walking into the kitchen, you peer out of the window over the sink, seeing something out by the road. You lean forward, squinting a bit, trying to figure out who is there. You aren’t expecting anyone, no appointments scheduled today, but there he is, watching your house. Your breath catches in your throat, and your heart pounds, but you try to settle yourself. It can’t be, you think, it’s never been, not in all this time you’ve spent waiting. But even as you’re thinking that, your feet are carrying you toward the door, and you fling it open, staring at the figure at the end of the walk that leads to steps.

“Ed?” you breathe, grabbing for the railing to keep from falling down. Is it him? Is it really him? Has he finally come back to Risembool at last?

You force yourself to stand your ground, even though part of you wants to go flying down the path to the road, to hug him tight, to laugh and cry and welcome him home, but you’ve been burned before.

So you stand there, and wait.

Because this time, you’re protecting your heart from getting broken.

Tags: fan fic, fma fic

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